Ashiya Shirou

Sometimes it's necessary to courageously retreat.

Hachiman Hikigaya

It doesn't matter if we're wrong...because every time we go wrong, we'll continue to look for the right answer.

Mei Tachibana

Someday, maybe youโ€™ll find someone like you to share your pain with. I canโ€™t tell you when that will happen.... But the important thing is to not reject them.

Hiyori Iki

If you're in a position to save people, you should never even joke like that. My father...The doctor...Would never abandon anyone. He'd never give up on a person's life, even if they tried to throw it away.


The heart may be weak and sometimes it may even give in, but I've learned that deep down, there's a light that never goes out!

Edward Elric

Like I always say, can't find a door? Make your own.

Vash the Stampede

It is a virtue to devote one's self to something, firmly believing in one's own ideals. But that does not mean it's alright to belittle the ideals or feelings of others. If you lead such a busy life and you don't realize how your parents feel, it's only self-satisfaction. It's alright to stop every now and again, if you want a moment's rest, if you want to feel what other people feel.

Akio Ohtori

Women who cannot become princesses have no choice but to become witches.

Takumi Usui

Well, I won't be disappointed, no matter what you do.

Inoue Orihime

It's just that... It's just that not being able to fight with everyone makes me feel lonely...!! But what would make me feel worse than being lonely is getting in everyone's way... that would make me feel worse!! If it means getting in the way of Kurosaki-kun and everyone... then I would rather be lonely, very lonely.


Well, well, if it isn't the holy monk.

Saki Hanajima

A sixth sense cannot make up for a total lack of common sense.

Lenalee Lee

If there's nobody left, even if the real world is saved, I'll be destroyed...

Kuchiki Byakuya

"Control"... you say? When you stand before me... that word holds no meaning. Bankai. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.


Underestimating an opponent is the first step towards defeat.


*about Shikamaru* Amazing. This slacker-clown outsmarted me!

Kenshin Himura

You will not touch these innocent people with even one inch of your dirty blades, if you require an opponent, I will fight you. If you wanna taste the ground, feel free to attack me.


I woke up feeling refreshed, after dreaming about a long shower. But of course, it was an illusion.

Ganju Shiba

Why, you...! You punched my ruggedly handsome face! Not once, but twice!